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When was Superior Merch created?

Superior Merch was founded/created in the summer of 2006.

Where are you located?

Our showroom and flagship office is located at 41 W. Main Street in downtown Ashland, Ohio.

When are you open?

Our showroom is currently open by appointment only. Please call ahead & schedule any mutually convenient time to come down. (Example: 11am, 3pm, 8pm, etc) We will then arrange for one of our staff members to open the store and meet you.

How do you differ from other printers?

Easy. We deliver results.

I've used tons of printing companies, am I going to have another bad experience?

No, not here! At SM it’s all about customer service. We listen. We look for solutions. We find ways to help our clients and provide outstanding value & quality. Without happy customers, we wouldn’t be here!

My company is on a tight schedule! Do you guys miss a lot of deadlines?

No, not at all. We've streamlined our services to the max and we take deadlines very seriously! Just tell us when you need your order & if we accept / take your order, we'll make it happen.

Can you ship my order to me?

Yes, we can most definitely ship items to you. We've shipped products to 70% of the United States, as well as 6 different countries. We ship everything using USPS unless asked otherwise. We're also capable of order fulfillment.

How much does shipping cost?

All shipping charges will be custom quoted upon request. We ship everything using USPS unless asked otherwise.

Is your company capable of blind shipping?

Yes, when placing your order just specify where you would like it shipped and the return address you would like on the label.

What items can be printed?

We can print on almost any wearable garment. Such as: T-Shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, sweat pants, hats, towels, etc. Paper media can also be printed, items like: Business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, business forms, CD covers, stickers, notepads and much more. Click our "services" tab for a full list of products and services.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, PayPal, most major credit cards, gold bars, fine jewelry, diamonds, etc.

When do I have to pay for my invoice?

For new clients and all out of state orders, we require 100% down before production can start. If you have established a good standing account with us, typically a 50% down payment is required to place your order.

The remainder is to be paid before, or at the time of pick up. All orders placed through our online store will be billed at time of checkout.

How do I pay for my invoice?

Making a payment is simple. For credit cards & PayPal payments, please click the "Make a Payment" link in the top right hand corner of our website. Enter the amount you would like to pay, as well as your name or order number and click the "Pay Now" button. It will re-direct you to PayPal's secure website to enter and submit your card details .

For cash or check payments, please call or email us and one of our staff will set up a mutually convenient time to meet at our showroom downtown. All orders placed through our online store will be billed at time of checkout.

Can I pay using a PayPal E-Check, or use a regular check?

You can, but please keep in mind banks usually take 1-2 days for regular checks to clear and PayPal e-checks take 3 to 5 days to be deposited. We cannot put your order into production until your payment clears.

How accurate is the emailed proof?

Your emailed proof will be fairly accurate with art or design, however the colors will not necessarily be accurate due to personal color calibration of your computer monitor. The detail will be exact and the design size & positioning will also be fairly accurate.

Can you (insert crazy idea here)?

Possibly! Shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Where are the shirts printed, are they printed in Timbuktu?

Not at all. Shirts and other apparel are printed at our Northeast Ohio print facility.

What is a "screen" and why does my order need one?

A screen is essentially a soft plastic stencil that enables us to print your design. To sum it up, each ink color uses one screen. Screens are typically washed out after 30 to 45 days. Film will be kept on file for future reprints.

How many shirts can you print?

We generally do not have capacity restraints. Although if your order is over 5,000 pieces, please give us a heads up & ample lead time.

Are their any hidden fees or charges I don't know about?

Never! We will always tell you upfront and you will always see a quote, or price before your order is put into production.

What determines the final price of my order?

There are many variables, but prices are generally determined by the amount of shirts ordered, number of ink colors, ink coverage & number of print locations. The more shirts ordered, the less you will pay per shirt. Contact us for a quote.

Can garments be drop shipped for printing?

Yes, you can have items drop shipped to our print facility. When we receive your garments, our staff will count the items provided for your order. However, it is not our responsibility if items were not packed, shipped, or ordered correctly.

What is your minimum piece order?

For apparel, our minimum is 1. Orders under 15 will be produced digitally using the DTG printing method. Orders over 15 pieces are generally produced using the regular silk screen method. The more shirts you order, the less you will pay per shirt.

I need my shirts by Friday. Can I have my order rushed into production?

We are capable of fast-tracking your order into production if needed. We can print most screen printing orders within a few days if necessary. However, if we do decide to take on your order, a rush charge will apply. If your order is over 5000 pieces, please give us a heads up & ample lead time.

How many ink colors can you print?

We can print up to 10 spot colors with traditional screen printing, or we can print unlimited spot colors and or full color designs using the digital printing method on light colored apparel.

Do colored t-shirts cost more than white or gray t-shirts?

They do, but 99% of the time we're not worried about the difference, as the price increase is very minimal. We do charge more for different styles of shirts. Such as pocket tees, v-necks and specialty colors (Like neons, tie-dye, etc.) as the price difference isn't so minimal.

How long will it take to complete my order?

We ask for 14 days to complete standard orders from the time payment is received and digital proofs are approved.

Can you match an exact Pantone ink color?

We can get very close and have never had a complaint when a color match was attempted. If PMS matching is absolutely necessary, we can get it done from one of our various ink suppliers. Color matching fees may apply.

Can you print full color pictures on shirts or other apparel?

We can using the DTG printing process! Prints come out best on white and light grey garments. Darker shirts or colored shirts work too, but your print may need an underbase which will in-turn use more ink which will increase the final cost.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing uses a digital-based image and prints it directly onto a variety of paper media.

What all can you print using the offset method?

Some examples are: Business cards, flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, tickets and promo cards. Basically anything you can possibly imagine that is printed on a sheet of paper, or card stock.

How many ink colors can you print?

We can print full color CMYK + UV, on both sides.

What kind of paper do you use?

Depending on what is being ordered, we use 100lb paper for flyers and posters and 14pt or 16pt card-stock for business and post cards. Most orders are generally UV coated, or we can leave it uncoated depending on your order specifications.

Do you charge more to print the other side of my business cards?

No. For business cards and post cards, the price is the same for both sides, using full color printing.

How long will my print material order take?

We ask for two weeks after digital proofs have been approved.

What is this "UV coating" & does it cost more?

UV coating is actually included in the price. The purpose of UV coating is to protect printed pieces from dirt, smudges, fingerprints, scratching, etc. It also improves the durability of pieces that go through the mail, or are subjected to other types of wear and tear. In addition to protection, UV gives that extra “pop” to color and imagery and makes any piece look much more impressive.

Why did the colors print differently from the colors on my monitor?

Most basic computer monitors are not calibrated for color accuracy. There is a wide range of gamma differences in PCs, Macs and various manufacturers of monitors. Room lighting can also have an impact of your perception of color. In most cases, the shift in color is rather minimal and not noticeable to the un-trained eye.

What kinds of artwork can be used for printing?

Almost any type of flat artwork can be used to create designs. Some good examples are: Drawings, sketches, paintings, photos, digital files, even other t-shirts. Generally, if we can scan the image into the computer, we can use it. An artwork re-creation fee may apply.

What do you charge for a custom logo?

If you need a custom logo for your business, band, or organization we charge $24.99 per hour for the design work. Most are created and revised with corrections, then approved only taking 1 to 2 hours.

How do I send you my already made artwork or logos?

You can send us digital artwork at: Our site's file uploader is currently in the development pipeline. Or you can always schedule an appointment to drop off physical art at our showroom at: 41 West Main Street - Ashland, Ohio.

What file types do you accept?

We prefer vector art in either ai, or eps. But anything 300+ DPI is usually fine. Layered psd's are helpful, or a good ol' pdf file usually works too! We have the following software and can accept any format that is able to be opened or imported by these programs: Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4 & Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Is my file acceptable for print?

The easiest way is to shoot us an email at: and we can check it out.

My file is to big to email, how should I get it to you?

That's not a problem. Email us about your dilemma and we will find a solution. Or you can always be old school and transfer them to CDs or a flash drive and drop them off / mail them to our showroom in downtown Ashland.

Do you have any artwork templates I can download?

(Templates Are Coming Soon)

Do you use Mac or Windows computers?

We use both. We have multiple computers that are running Windows 8 and Apple's OS.

How much do you charge for re-creating my low quality design?

Fairly simple designs are usually $24.99. Depending on the nature of your order, our team may end up doing it for free. For more complex designs it would depend on a handful of variables. Email us and we will take a look.

Is there a charge if I send artwork in the proper format?

No, never! If you have press ready designs, art should be sent as vector, or other acceptable high-res formats. Photographs should be sent as high-res, jpeg images saved at 300+ DPI. All fonts should be rasterized or converted to outlines. You can even create and submit your artwork with our Online Designer. Click the "Online Designer" tab on the top-middle of our website.

Shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do! We would love to work with you.

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